Week 10 – Media Management

Media management… Interesting concept. Since the beginning of this course I have had this overarching idea that PR should encompass all communication. Through recent personal experiences this has been solidified. How effective is a communication plan or strategy in improving reputation, if another person/department/discipline is communicating in a completely different way? I think this is why the controlled vs uncontrolled media discussion has intrigued me, and perhaps intimidated me.
Working on the organising team for a tiny event in February this year, I had an interesting experience that frequently returns to mind. There was discussion about a media release about a week before the event. It wasn’t a priority for the main organiser, but he was convinced by someone who had experience in such things, and it went ahead. The next day, a journalist and photographer rocked up, and the day after, there was a fantastic piece in both print and online media! The event was very successful.
I thought this was quite fantastic. Our little project was accepted by the powers that be.. The gatekeepers. The tutorial exercise was helpful in understanding this. I can see now that the release reflected the newsworthy values our event possessed. It had proximity, timeliness, human interest and the extraordinary.
This was a hugely positive experience, and the coverage was a great reflection of the event, the organisation and our goals. It is all too obvious though, that at one time or another we won’t be so fortunate. Hopefully maintaining a positive relationship with both the media and the local publics, we can keep it to a minimum.



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