Other thoughts…

So a few posts ago, I used the term ‘dipstick’ to describe people who aren’t really transparent about their NFP involvement. I’m considering finding a stronger word for the organisers of The Colour Run. Lets play spot the difference…

Item 1: Email Exchange

“Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your email!
The Color Run™ is not a charity or non-profit organization. The Color
Run, LLC is a “for profit” event company.
In each city, we ask a local organization to be our charity partner.
The number one goal of The Color Run™, as it relates to charities, is
to increase cause awareness. We want to help shine a light on
important issues. We hope our Color Runners™ will spend time on the
website of our partner charities, join mailing lists, attend other
events hosted by the charity and become an advocate for these causes.”

Item 2: Article from Monday’s Advertiser…

Hmm. It turns out the ‘charity’ recipient is the vaguely named ‘Celebrate Life Foundation’ – a very discreet branch of Swisse. I can’t describe how mad this makes me.

On another note, I stumbled across this video on Facebook, and it reminded me of the lecture on the power of words by Dr Schultz…


One thought on “Other thoughts…

  1. Hi Lisa,

    It is really interesting the way the color run said those things to you. I emailed the same sort of things because I was doing an assignment on them as a campaign. They didn’t explain that thoroughly to me and said things like they are a commercial campaign who are helping raise awareness blah blah blah . I think it’s crazy how they pointed out they want their runners to spend time over the websites. It’s almost as if they’re trying to spread awareness for profit and advertising rather than a charity of a good cause. I think they need to re think their communicating with the public in a way where they can promote us as the whole raising more awareness for charities. I really thought this was an interesting thought which has come to mind, so thank you for putting it up because I could somehow relate as I was figuring out if they were a not for profit organisation and what not.



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