Week 8 – PR in the Community

Personally, I have found this topic really interesting. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, CSR is something that I could see myself working in, and I find resource dependency theory and other elements of community PR fantastic problem solving opportunities. This is the first time I have thought about CSR in an every day/every organisation capacity. It’s not a multi billion dollar technology company giving products to disadvantaged school kids to counteract public perception of corporate greed or environmental apathy, but the ground level efforts to make sure that your operation benefits society. Coincidently, something that was said at the Richard Branson lecture on Wednesday I find quite fitting for this topic… “If we can get every business in the world to adopt problems and fix problems, then we’d be well on the way to fixing the worlds problems.” I am so intrigued by the concept of social license. The tutorial scenario really solidified for me some key ideas behind PR and why I have chosen it. Through exploring social license, resource dependency, public and stakeholder management, CSR and probably many other things, the concept of establishing a homeless shelter went from just helping the homeless, to also educating, engaging and broadening the perspectives of a whole other community. So on one hand you have a community questioning the appropriateness of the centre, and on the other hand you have a whole community thinking, talking and acting on a fundamental social issue. Wow.
I have just heard Clive Palmer on Q&A responding to Queensland residents about coal mining and its effect on the environment of the state.. I think he needs a few PR in the community lessons.



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